Hair removal in history

During the 15th century women shaved their foreheads and eyebrows as it was considered fashionable to have a high hairline at the time, the start of an enduring affiliation of hair removal with appearance.


Oscar Wilde On Dress

It is rare that an important contribution by a major author goes unrecorded. Rarer still if the author is Oscar Wilde, the famous poet, writer, dramatist, and much quoted wit, who has been the subject of continual interest and analysis since his death in 1900. But such has been the fate of his 1885 essay-The Philosophy Of Dress-which now forms the centerpiece of this unique collection of Wilde’s writings on dress. As such it is an Oscar Wilde first edition. In addition there are generously annotated and illustrated chapters that analyze the importance of dress in the historical context of Wilde’s writing career, and a comprehensive review of the influences, trends, characters, and source material that informed the development of Wilde’s dress philosophy. As a compendium this book includes several period articles and letters by Wilde on dress and fashion, along with related, but rarely published, correspondence. This book an examination of Wilde’s relationship to dress-a previously overlooked aspect in Wilde studies-which should prove to be of interest not only to Wildean scholars, but also to anyone who enjoys Wilde’s style of writing. Oscar Wilde continues to be favorably reappraised as a one of the most culturally avant garde tastemakers of the late nineteenth century. In an ever fashion-conscious world it is fitting that the themes explored, like the author himself, are still relevant. In this respect the book will also be of historical value to fashion students and practitioners. This bibliophile imprint is a Limited First Edition produced on 100% cotton paper, hand sewn, and hand bound in Iris linen.

'Cum' is not a word. We don't have three-letter alternate spellings for other four-letter words that have double meanings. You wouldn't write “I know this guy who sucks and he's a mean dick, but he's so fucking hot, I want to suk his dik.” The proper spelling of 'come' works just fine too.
An important lesson from Dan Savage.

Counting in French

France: ten
France: twenty
France: thirty
France: forty
France: fifty
France: sixty
France: sixty ten
World: France what are you do—
France: four twenties
World: France stop it
France: four twenties ten
World: France that doesn’t even make any sense
France: hundred.

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El Salvador: Where women may be jailed for miscarrying

El Salvador is one of five countries with a total ban on abortion, along with Nicaragua, Chile, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Since 1998, the law has allowed no exceptions – even if a woman is raped, her life is at risk or the foetus is severely deformed.

More than 200 women were reported to the police between 2000 and 2011, of whom 129 were prosecuted and 49 convicted – 26 for murder (with sentences of 12 to 35 years) and 23 for abortion, according to research by Citizens’ Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion. Seven more have been convicted since 2012.

The study underlines that these women are overwhelmingly poor, unmarried and poorly educated – and they are usually denounced by public hospital staff. Not a single criminal case originated from the private health sector where thousands of abortions are believed to take place annually.

This is heartbreaking as fuck.

This is how I sound (and look) when I speak French. For those playing at home, I’m Australian but I’ve lived in Paris for three years.

I hate clothes, ok? I hate buying ‘em. I hate picking ‘em out of my closet, I can’t stand everyday, trying to come up with little outfits for myself. I think eventually, fashion won’t even exist, it won’t, I think eventually we’ll all be wearing the same thing, ‘cause anytime I see a movie or a TV show where there’s people from the future, or another planet – they’re all wearing the same thing. Somehow they’ve decided THIS is going to be our outfit. One piece silver jump suit, V-stripe, and boots – that’s it. We should come up with an outfit for Earth – an Earth outfit. We should vote on it, candidates propose different outfits, no speeches. They walk out, twirl, walk off. We just sit in the audience and go “that was nice, I could wear that”.
Jerry Seinfeld. Despite being a clothing obsessive, I see Jerry’s point here. Choosing what to wear every day is such a daunting task for me, one on par with choosing what music to listen to when I have friends over. You want to look cool, but also represent what you’re all about, you know? And it only gets harder the more options you have – so many colours, so many fabrics, so many prints, so many combinations that could go horribly wrong. Opening myself up to this kind of failure at self expression is a disaster waiting to happen. I have so much admiration for those people who wear slight variations of the same thing every single day, those people who don’t give a fuck about what’s IN or OUT, those people who just one day found an outfit that works for them and decided to wear it for the rest of their lives.

During the second world war in one of the palaces of Tsarskoye Selo, a group of Soviet soldiers found a room decorated in a frank erotic style. According to witnesses, one of the walls was entirely hung with wooden phalluses of various shapes, a range of chairs, desks, and screens all decorated with pornographic images supplementing the whole appearance. Soldiers didn’t loot anything or destroy anything there, on the contrary, they made a dozen of documentary photos.

Most of the pictures were lost in the fire of war, but some of Hermitage personnel also confirm the existence of the parlour, noting that Catherine the Great even made a bodouir for Platon Zubov, but it’s unlikely that it could (sic) reached the 20th century. It is also known that the collection of erotic art belonged to the Romanov family was catalogued in 1930s. The evidences indicate that the objects were only shown to a selection of visitors. But the catalogue was lost. Like the whole entire collection, it was allegedly destroyed in 1950.